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There are lots of books on the market about the Tarot and how to learn it, but this one is about how to read it so you can answer people’s real and important questions.

There is a difference between learning the Tarot and learning how to read Tarot cards and it doesn’t work both ways. You can learn the Tarot but not know how to read it, but if you learn to read the Tarot, you are automatically learning it. This is the approach taken in this book or in this set of notes.

The material is arranged in one way that makes sense. However, you are encouraged to rearrange it according to your own needs and preferences so you can change the order, or move the contents around. This is the reason for suggesting you copy the material into OneNote or Evernote – you can create your own pages and sections, and sort them in any way you want, adding your own notes and impressions and keeping it all organized.