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The Tarot Book

All you need to know
from first thinking about learning the Tarot
through to doing a reading.

This is a transcript (though not word-for-word) of what is said in the introductory video on the left.

This site is called the-tarot-book dot com, and the subtitle sums up what the site is for – going from first thinking about learning the Tarot through all the steps up to doing a reading.

People are faced with a lot of uncertainty or doubts as they get to know the Tarot. So they have questions about whether they should use reversed cards, and do you re-sort the deck in some way after a reading? Or they may think that it’s not right to buy your own deck, but they’re tired of waiting for someone to give them a gift set.

We can have lots of doubts or wonder if we’re doing the right thing or using the right approach, and so on. It therefore makes sense, I think, to put all the answers in the same place.

This means that you can get an idea or read an opinion about what to do in different circumstances. You may agree or disagree, but it doesn’t matter which side you choose because what is important is that you have something to go on and to develop in a way that makes sense to you and that you are comfortable with. This is better than having nothing, or trying to ignore the anxiety because you don’t feel equal to dealing with it.

We cover a lot of ground in the material presented here and it has been organized into a kind of chronological order, so we begin with ideas about what the Tarot is and how it works, and at the end we look at three different but useful spreads and how to read them.

If people ask for a  .pdf version of the whole book I’ll put something together, but the idea is that you ask questions I haven’t thought of, or you make comments or ask questions, and all this additional information is incorporated in the relevant Section. I’ll update the different Sections as needed, so if you want to stay up-to-date, then come back here from time to time. I suggest on the Start Here page that you set up a free OneNote or Evernote account, and then copy and paste the contents of this site into your own notebook and sort and re-arrange it your own way.

There is an Updates page as you will see in the navigation at the top of the screen, and links to the new material will be listed there.

There are two versions of the Contents – one gives the titles of the Sections and a list of subheadings. You will get an idea of what we deal with.

The other, Contents 2, gives the titles of the Sections and an excerpt from it – usually the first paragraph or two. You’ll find links in red that you can click in order to get access.

So if there is something I have left out, or if you have questions, or if you  have follow-up information or would like to make a suggestion, let me know directly at bllntr@yahoo.com or via the Contact Us form, and I’ll include your contribution somewhere so we can all benefit from a wider basis or foundation.